Wait! Before you submit, have you:
green3Dcheck20.jpganswered or addressed all the components of the question you chose?

green3Dcheck20.jpgused and defined terms from the text?

green3Dcheck20.jpgdiscussed the appropriate cases, if applicable?

green3Dcheck20.jpgjustified your responses?

green3Dcheck20.jpgcited your sources properly using APA style?

If so, you may submit below. Your paper will be graded on comprehensiveness, scope, content, accuracy, grammar & spelling, and APA style. Please be sure you have used 12pt. Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins.

– Explain at what point a person is considered “under arrest.” Explain the difference between a stop and an arrest. Why might states authorize probable cause arrests for certain unwitnessed misdemeanors? How much force can be used by an officer when executing an arrest? How is it determined? Can you think of any times when you heard about “excessive use of force” and if so, how do you think the actions of a few influenced the perceptions of many regarding the police?

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