Research: Related Disabilities: ASD And ADHD, Characteristics, Treatments (Medications), Methods Of Teaching. Section 504 Services.

Rubric for each research paper:  APA6th Manual

1.Cover page,

2. Abstract,

3. Table of content,

4. Three pages of accurate content  information,

5. References: Textbook and one scholarly article on the topic,

Research II

Chapter 7, pages 190-212

Related Disabilities: ASD and ADHD, characteristics, treatments (medications), methods of teaching. Section 504 services.

Support your research with only one professional article (2018). Submit the article bibliography on the reference page after the textbook information. Overall there are 7 pages required for this assignment and only one supporting professional article (2018).

*** Strictly from the textbook (include quotes), this teacher is very demanding, follows the instructions based solely on the content provided in the chapter and the article, uses exact words and pages (copy and paste), concepts and content of the pages and use the specific pages in the instructions, quotes according to the book, ****. If you have any questions, contact me, thank you.

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