An Assignment

Many of you will be involved in decisions related to the selection of hardware/software for a fictitious organization (describe organization & industry). As executives, we need to examine these things in terms of value for the organization and cost benefits. For this assignment you will choose to compare one set the following products, hands-on (you are not to just read about them, you must try them out). Choose one:

· Microsoft Office & Google Docs

· Apple iPhone & Android Phones

· Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar System

· Select Two Different APPs (for comparable application such as Zoom and Skype) to Compare or

· Select Two Crytoconcurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) to Compare and Discuss its Underlining Technology – Blockchain

You will compare based on functionality for a business setting, initial cost, ongoing maintenance costs, and other tangible & intangible criteria you have established. Proof of hands on interaction might include photos, screen shots, a scanned business card etc. Submit the completed work in Word 2003-2007, 2010, 2013, 2017 or PDF here.

This assignment should be 2-3 pages single-spaced in 12 point font with 1″ margins.