You Are A Consultant Hired To Make Recommendations On How A Hypothetical Or Real Healthcare Organization Can Transform Its Practice From Its Traditional Model Of Practice To A Patient-Centered Practice.

You are a consultant hired to make recommendations on how a hypothetical or real healthcare organization can transform its practice from its traditional model of practice to a patient-centered practice.  

Define what you think patient-centered care is and describe the impact patient-centered care has on health, cost and quality of care (10pts). 

How does patient-centered care relate to quality (5 pts)? Compare and contrast patient-centered care with at least 1 other model of care (5 pts). Include discussion on how access to electronic information and how the use of technology might facilitate patient-centered care (5pts). 

Describe if you think the shift from process outcomes to health outcomes will result in increased engagement by patients in their health (5pts). Describe in 1 page (single-spaced). This page minimum does not include the title page, abstract and the bibliography.