This Document Provides Students With Information About The Requirements For Assessment. Detailed Instructions And Resources Are Included To Help You To Complete And Submit The Task.

This document provides students with information about the requirements for assessment. Detailed instructions and resources are included to help you to complete and submit the task. The Criterion Reference Assessment (CRA) Rubric that markers use to grade the assessment task is included and should be used as a guide when working on the assessment task.

Your group is required to select one of two patient case studies, available in the group assignment folder on blackboard. You will research and identify any actual/potential medication issues and create a plan to solve these issues using the ASE-C-POP framework. It is suggested you read the following article, as it will assist you in understanding the aspects of this framework.

Instruction Files

CasesforAssessmentSem220201.pdf306.4 KBPatientcaseassessment2.pdf365.9 KBASE-C-POPAssignmentTEMPLATEFORSTUDENTS20201.docx