The Purpose Of This Assignment Is To Enhance Your Understanding And Consideration Of Concepts And Knowledge Introduced In Units 1 And 2 During An Initial Health Assessment.

All written assignments in this course must

  • use correct spelling and grammar;
  • include scholarly references;
  • adhere to APA format, as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.);
  • be your own work and be free of evidence of plagiarism;
  • use Microsoft Word .doc (or .rtf) format; and
  • be submitted via the Assessment section of the course home page.

Assignment 1 Scholarly Paper (30% of total grade)

Assignment due at the end of Unit 2.

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance your understanding and consideration of concepts and knowledge introduced in Units 1 and 2 during an initial health assessment. This assignment is focused on these elements: the concepts of critical thinking, cultural and social considerations, determinants of health, health history, the interview and communication techniques, a general survey of the whole person, and health promotion. The assignment does not include the actual physical assessment of the client. You are required to demonstrate critical thinking as you assess, reflect, and apply the concepts to an initial meeting between you and a specific client.

This assignment must include the following:

Select a client case example for this assignment. This can be a client that you have worked with in the past or a fictitious client (e.g., a homeless person, a recent immigrant who speaks limited English, an older adult who lives alone at home, an individual with COPD who continues to smoke, a child with impetigo ~ just to name a few).   

  • Describe your client, including general survey (physical appearance, body structure, mobility, and behaviour) and the reason they have sought healthcare. 
  • Analyze and reflect on the following as applied to your specific client: cultural and social considerations, determinants of health, health history, the interview and communication techniques, and health promotion strategies.
  • Refer to a minimum of 4 scholarly references.
  • Keep your paper to a maximum of 7 pages in length, excluding title page, references, and/or appendices.
  • Meet the following assignment criteria.  

Assignment Criteria

Scholarly Content 70%

  • Provide a description of the client including the reason they have sought health care, and a general survey (physical appearance, body structure, mobility, and behaviour). 15 marks
  • Examine, discuss, and analyze the initial interview process with the client in terms of the relational approach, communication barriers, and/or developmental considerations. 15 marks
  • Analyze the importance of obtaining a complete health history for this client (biographical date, reason for seeking care, current health/history of current illness, past health history, family history, and functional assessment). 15 marks
  • Explore the importance of cultural and social considerations, and determinants of health for this client. Provide three priority questions you would ask your client to elicit this information. Provide rationale as to why these questions have priority. 15 marks
  • Identify one specific evidence-based priority health promotion activity for your client. Provide rationale for this activity. 10 marks

Scholarly Format 30%

The following presentation elements are evident as per 6th ed. APA (refer to the Student Guide: Rubric BN program):

  • A minimum of 4 references
  • A maximum of 7 pages in length, excluding title page, references, and/or appendice s
  • Title page, headings and subheadings at the appropriate level
  • Introduction clearly defines topic and context.
  • Organization of the paper content is logical and sequential
  • Conclusion of summary with main ideas
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • The paper is informative, well evidenced, and succinct
  • A scholarly tone is maintained throughout the paper
  • Citations are correct, relevant, and accurately integrated
  • Reference list
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