The Original Post Should Be Posted In The Discussion.Please Use Peer-Reviewed Sources Such As Journal Articles From The Monroe Library And Evidence-Based Websites (CDC, NIH Etc.). Use APA Citation Format To Cite Sources Within The Text And In The Referenc

The original post should be posted in the Discussion.Please use peer-reviewed sources such as journal articles from the Monroe library and evidence-based websites (CDC, NIH etc.). Use APA citation format to cite sources within the text and in the reference list.
Discussion Question:
Identify a broad range of health problems likely to be exacerbated by climate change globally (you can focus on any country or region, such as US, China or South East Asia)? How might existing public health practices be altered to anticipate these effects on climate change?
Reading and Resources
Chapter 12, “Climate Change and Human Health”
WHO Global Environmental Change
CDC Climate and Health Program

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