Homework. Planning An Event From The Text Professional Event Coordination, Answer Question C On Page 28 In The Exercises In Professional Event Coordination Section. The Minimum Required Length For This Part Is Two Pages. Include All Six Components Of The

Homework. Planning an event
From the text Professional Event Coordination, answer question C on page 28 in the Exercises in Professional Event Coordination section. The minimum required length for this part is two pages. Include all six components of the “six A’s” including Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Activity, and Amenities in detail. Each section should be 1-2 paragraphs. Include an introduction and summary paragraph tying them together.
A pharmaceutical company exhibiting at a medical convention trade show in your city wants to host an off-site evening hospitality reception for 200 of its best customers, featuring a theme that celebrates the local culture

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