The Profession Of Physical Therapy A Major Objective Of American Physical Therapy Association Is The Utilization Of Evidence-Based Medicine In Our Profession. Utilize The Library Database To Find A Peer Reviewed Research Article That Interests You Regardi

The Profession of physical therapy
A Major objective of American Physical therapy association is the utilization of Evidence-based Medicine in our profession. Utilize the library database to find a
peer reviewed research article that interests you regarding the physical therapy profession. Please note it must meet the criteria for a peer-reviewed research article, in other words, it should be a research article and use source data.
Answer these questions about the peer-reviewed article:
please reference your article using AMA citation and include the database you used to find your article and electronic link
Explain the findings of your article or content of your article and how it might impact the clinical practice of PT.
ONLY USE THE SOURCE I HAVE HERE: Guide for Professional Conduct. Physical Therapy. January 2006;86(1):153-156. Available from: Academic Search Complete, MA. Accessed June 20, 2016.
THIS IS THE PEER REVIEW ARTICLE: Guide for Professional Conduct. Physical Therapy, Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 June 2016.