Research Proposal

 I need someone to write a GOOD Research proposal .. 3 Chaptter .

1- basic world and easy to read 

( mention  the reference that you use in each paragraph) 
3- no plagiarism ( do not check it in any website for plagiarism  )  no more 3% of plagiarism. 5000-6000 words
4-follow  the instructions in the attachment very well 
 the Title : psychology status among women during menstrual cycle “ USE Article in Saudi Arabia related to my Topic .. and in the end you should give it to me the same Article that use it to paraphras .. 

in the first i need in chaptter 1  :
– introudtion about menstruation ” in general “
– menstruation cylce ” in general “
-psychology stats during menstruation
– complication “bad effect “
– eduction need for young women 
– sings 
– Aim of this study to assess young women

-Signeficant or Justification of the study. 

-Aim Objective 

– Research Questions
Chapter 2
.Sampling and population 
.Data collection 
.Ethical considetion 
.Pilot study 
.Validity & Reliability.
.Data Analysis 
.Procedure of the main study
Chapter 3
.Time scale
.Expected Outcome
Appendes  includes  (Consent . Participants  Leaflet.