rehabilitative care

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-List and describe various settings in which rehabilitative care may take place.

-List the various medical and other specialists that might be part of a rehabilitation team.

-List and describe the World Health Organization’s definitions of three major terms used to discuss individuals with functional limitations.

-List two voluntary accrediting agencies for rehabilitation facilities.

-Briefly describe the inpatient rehabilitation prospective payment system. (IRF PPS)

-List the functions of the interdisciplinary team that must be documented in a patient’s medical records under CARF guidelines.

-List six advantages that rehabilitation teams reap from using FIM scores.

-Identify a few services that home care agencies deliver

-Who are the voluntary accrediting bodies that develop the standards for home care?

-Define certification period.

-Explain the importance of documentation and coding for proper reimbursement.

-What is the OASIS-C1, and what is its purpose?

-Explain how Medicare reimburses home care agencies for the provision of care to patients.


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