Diseases Still Killing Millions

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The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in preparing for the final paper. You will create an outline of your final paper. Click on the following website link and review instructions on how to develop an outline: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/the_wri…. Click on the following link and review the document: Types of Outlines and Samples (retrieved from the website). Include references in the outline.

The outline should be at least 400 words. Note that actual information pertaining to your chosen topic must be included for full credit. For instance, do not state in your outline “describe topic,” but actually provide some basic information about the topic.

Format your outline according to the website provided above and format your reference list consistent with APA guidelines, as you did for the annotated bibliography. Note that as you work on your paper you may find that you will need to search for additional references. Submit the outline as a Word document.

The annotated Bibliography is attached as well.


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Running Head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Annotated Bibliography Kasey Stump Baker College 1 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 “Emergent and Infection Diseases Still Killing Millions of People.” The topic of “emergent and infection diseases still killing millions of people,” has struck such a chord of interest for me. Currently, here in Michigan, the number of people with measles (which is considered an infectious disease) is rising as we are in the high double digits now. Many of the infected population that are still currently under quarantine, are within an hour or two from me. I understand that there is a increase in many parents who feel as though these types of prevention shots cause more harm than good within their children, but with the daily advancements in medicine, why are these fears not put to rest or confirmed and then a more suitable prevention treatment not brought forward. By being able to fully research and explore this topic, I feel as thou