waste management

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A. Where: Describe the primary locational sources, including ecosystem(s) and biome(s), where this topic emerges in the environment. In other words, where does your topic occur? Which ecosystem(s) and biome(s) are affected?

B. How: Analyze the process(es) by which this topic is generated or emerges within an ecosystem. In other words, how does your topic occur?

C. Who: Describe the species, including their classification, that benefit as a result of this topic. Within the human species, are there any individuals or industries that benefit at a personal or corporate level because of the topic? In other words, who experiences positive side effects because of the topic?

Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one inch margins. Submit a minimum of one page and maximum of two pages (prompt and references not included). You will provide in-text citations as well as a reference section with a minimum of three references in APA format.


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Paper Outline Title: Waste Management Introduction This part entails a brief reflection on waste management and the significance of the topic. This part also contains the thesis of the research. Body This part analyzes the extent of aquatic waste disposal that has affected aquatic ecosystem. This part also entails a brief description of aquatic ecosystem and aquatic biomes that are affected by waste disposal. This part demonstrates the different species that benefit from proper waste management. Conclusion This part includes a brief analysis of the topic and its significance in promotion of sustainable livelihoods and aquatic life. Running Head: WASTE MANAGEMENT Waste Management University Affiliation Student’s Name Course 2 WASTE MANAGEMENT Waste Management The realization of negative environmental effects that have been caused by waste disposal has become a very sobering experience. I found this topic very interesting as