Topic Waste Management

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Topic Waste Management

Why is it significant or interesting to you? ,Why is it significant or interesting in the general field of biology? Support your response with real-world examples.

A. Where: Describe the primary locational sources, including the ecosystem(s) and biome(s), where this topic emerges in the environment. In other words, where does your topic occur? Which ecosystem(s) and biome(s) are affected?

B. How: Analyze the process(es) by which this topic is generated or emerges within an ecosystem. In other words, how does your topic occur?

C. Who: Describe the species, including their classification, that benefit as a result of this topic. Within the human species, are there any individuals or industries that benefit at a personal or corporate level because of the topic? In other words, who experiences positive side effects because of the topic?

This needs to be layout in a outline format.