Addressing Homelessness

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Main claim: Immigration in America should be dealt with because of its positive and negative impact on society.

      • Your main claim for Essay Four that is focused, arguable and related to US immigration.
      • Underneath the main claim, list 8-10 bulleted subclaims that logically support the main claim.
      • Underneath each subclaim, provide two pieces of evidence that support each subclaim with accurate MLA in-text citations.
      • Provide a counterargument from an actual source and your rebuttal.


      • Write an introductory paragraph that includes an effective opener, context for the debate, the definition of key terms (only if needed), necessary information to logically lead readers from the effective essay opener to the main claim, and your main claim.

Works Cited List

      • On the last page of the document, include a Works Cited list with the outsidesources you are working with so far.


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Larson 1 Name Instructor Course Day Month Year Outline Example: Addressing Homelessness in San Diego Through Education Main Claim Although I agree that factors like mental illness, housing availability, and housing costs pose significant challenges to those facing homelessness, I argue that to create lasting change, our primary efforts should focus on creating comprehensive educational programs for those who experience and are vulnerable to homelessness. Subclaim, Counterargument/Rebuttal, and Conclusion Outline o SC1: Local politicians recognize the necessity for solutions to the homelessness problem in San Diego. ▪ Evidence 1: The city of San Diego provides dormitory-style tents (Wilkens, par. 14). ▪ Evidence 2: Leaders willing to commit resources to address homelessness (Jennewein, par. 4). ▪ This evidence demonstrates the political will to address homelessness in San Diego. o SC2: The majority of residents in the San Diego region agree