Research essay

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Please do not use excessive quotes!You should not include more than 25% directly quoted information in your essays. This means that at least 75% of your essays should be in your own words. Therefore, you should not use more than 1-2 short block quotes in this major research essay. Try your best to paraphrase or summarize information in your essay, and be sure to cite your sources for these as well. Even though the information is in your own words, those ideas came from somewhere outside of your own head! Give credit where it due. 🙂

  • The outline should be in sentence outline form (complete sentences). Do not use words or phrases only in your outline. Make sure each point includes complete sentences.
  • If you have an “A” then you will have a “B”; if you have a “1” then you will have a “2”.
  • Use the sample outline above as a guide.