Personal digital assistant

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APA Format with 2 Scholarly Sources and 425 Words

This is a group project paper but I am only responsible for these 2 parts listed below I have attached the Assignment with instructions . Thank you

1.Agenda setting – Whitney

2. A model or theory that can be used to bring about the change –

Journal submission guidelines:

Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing

Abstract: Should be one unstructured paragraph. Do not add subtitles (e.g. Background, Methods, etc.) as abstracts are unstructured. The abstract is inserted into a designated box during the submission process. Abstracts will be sent to reviewers with the invitation to review. Limit the abstract to 200 words. Do not cite references or define abbreviations or acronyms (for example, “personal digital assistant (PDA)”) in the abstract. The abstract should briefly summarize the major issue, problem, or topic being addressed, and the findings and/or conclusions of the manuscript. You will insert online in designated box AND also prior to manuscript text, followed by keywords in manuscript file.