Urgent care services

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Discussion for Week 1

Is the cost of health care in the United States high compared to other countries? If so, why? Do some research and share the data that you find. Pick at least one other country to compare to the United States. How can the United States cut costs? Some resources include:




Discussion for Week 2

What is the Triple Aim and why is it important? What is an ACO? How does an ACO help to achieve the Triple Aim? Do some research and find data that reflects the successes and failures of ACO’s. You can start you research here:cms.gov




Discussion for Week 3

Physicians offices supply some urgent care services (i.e., services patients seek for prompt attention but not for preservation of life or limb). Name three other providers of urgent care services. What sort of shift in supply or demand would result in a market equilibrium with higher prices and sales volume? What might cause such a shift? (See Chapter 10).