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Impact of Information System (IS) For Patient Care and Improvement of Patient Outcomes

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December, 2018


Every individual present in a given country will always expect to receive proper health care and medical attention in a facility of his or her choice. In this case one would go for an organization that has the best facilities, the one that makes use of the available up to date technology and with well-equipped and competent nurses and physicians to take care of them until they are back to their standard and healthy state again as on focus by Asiri & Househ (2017). Fundamentally, in this essay, we are going to base our discussion on a nursing home and rehabilitation in Miami Florida that makes use of Matrix Care system to have accurate medical records, billing porpoises, meds administration, and physician orders. We will give our primary focus on some of the information system which is highly designed in this Matrix Care system and their impact either positive or negative to some of the patients. It is also an issue to focus and explore on some of the perceptions that different nurses will use to give Hospital Information System (HIS) as per the provision of the patient care and regarding the quality of the system upgrade information.

The Matrix Care System

Matrix Care is the only provider that is in a position to adequately provide the long-term care technology and software accompanied by a valid and full spectrum solution. There is a clinical EHR solution that can meet the different unique workflows and requirements available in the health sector that is whether you are skilled nursing, the home care organization, the life plan community or even senior living. Since the foundation of this system, it has been of great help to the health care sector because patients and nurses are mostly satisfied by the services they are receiving from this system for example, the Matrix Care MDS tools have been able to provide help in completing assessments efficiently with having the most accurate and comprehensive available solution. Using this tool has been very useful in making care planning to be highly customized. This has made the health care setting to be instrumental. Nurses have been able to use this care system in the provision of patient care which might include its assessment, intervention, and diagnosis based on the record of the information technology (IT) granted to the Matrix Care. This information system organizes and incorporates on various patients details which are designed to meet the needs and optimal requirement of a patient. Matrix Care has a unique and distinct care coordination platform that can support and give timely delivery of person-centered care which results in better clinical outcomes. This is an essential requirement in a fee-for-value world (Lewis et al., 2016).

Matrix Care Skilled Nursing Solution

This platform helps skilled nurses and nursing facilities to successfully offer better resident care by being in a position to provide revenue and clinical cycle management solutions. The embedded clinical decision support can guide the clinicians at the point of care while making use of the evidence-based practices, helping them to be able to achieve better clinical outcomes while at the same time being able to reduce readmissions. The robust reporting capabilities give room for analysis of data to take place that in the end drives the operational and strategic decisions. This, in the end, leads to the achievement of better organizational outcomes.

In the Matrix Care skilled nursing software, we have different types of data which are being tracked, and some of this has features related with the meal, time and management claims which might arise in the system that is in use. It is clear that this information system has some alignment with the nutrition of different patients and due to this its intake gives us some guidance and preferences to use and help some of the users. It is also a requirement to plan effectively with the information system as the nurses correlate with the data that has been tracked. It is a task to ensure that the real-time revenue and expense of each patient have been saved keenly in the IT system.

This system is designed in such a manner that it curbs all of the real world issues and give in different benefits to the users. Some of the benefits that come with Matrix Care Skilled Nursing Software include improving outcome and the quality of care. The software is essential in enhancing communication between the caregivers and coordination between the different care settings to help provide more effective, person-centered care and also ensuring the improvement of resident satisfaction and quality of care. The software also helps in the development of the workflow in that there is full integration of data which means that there is muscular interdisciplinary care coordination within the facility itself. The Matrix Care skilled solution opens room for extensive tracking of resident’s information when they are admitted and discharged from the facility. This helps in reducing the readmission rates. This software is time-saving in that it enables quick access to vital information about the residents thus making it easier to address their issues and therefore better health care.

Consequently, the Matrix Care’s Community has been able to come together with the Care quality to be able to open up access to the personal health record in the entire care continuum. The care team request can be in a position to request, view and act on the best kind of information possible for that individual who seriously needs their attention. When there is adequate information, then it means that the patient will be taken care of in a manner that deems best and more recommendable. It is clear that the information system used in Matrix Care system may be in a position to give a high degree to the healthcare planners as they can detect some of the factors which might influence the quality of patient care. They are also able to monitor in some of the patient awareness and improve some of the research done by new nurses during their mentorship program of upgrading their data track. Most of the current researchers have indicated that information system and quality might consist of particular attributes which give us the completeness, relevance, and accuracy of any patient data. Most of this ensures that there are timeliness and reliability of data track in the future (Hultquist, 2016).


It is essential to understand that some of this technology changes leads to professional accuracy as the presence of the best software and facilities in a healthcare unit enables the best care to be provided primarily to the patients who need it most. This is what makes Matrix Care system to be among the best and most preferred methods of offering care. Everyone has a right to the best care and treatment when it comes to health and being ill.


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