Foundational Information In Health Informatics

from each other and provide individual references

Module 1.1 Learning Resources 


· Nelson, R., & Staggers, N. (2018). Health informatics: An interprofessional approach (2nd ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier 

o Chapter 2: “Theoretical Foundations of Health Informatics”

o Chapter 3: “Evidence-based Practice, Practice-based Evidence and Informatics”

o Chapter 4: “Models, theories, and research for program evaluation”

Module 1.1 Actiivity 

This Learning Activity will help to develop skills and knowledge that will be needed for the Competency Assessments. It is highly recommended that you complete this optional activity.

Health Informatics in the Field

In an APA formatted paper:

· Identify and summarize two articles written within the past three years, reflective of health informatics in your program of study. (Nursing)

· Evaluate the conceptual model and theoretical foundation in professional practice.

· Provide current creditable sources supporting your statements. 

1.2: Healthcare Informatics in the Field