Identify Barriers To Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies To Bridge Gaps In The Health Care Service Provided By An Organization To A Vulnerable Or Diverse Population

I completed two assessments for this class, everything was distinguished; However, I missed to cover the topic mentioned above. 

I attached my two jobs completed and evaluated, see attachments at the end. 

All I need to do now is incorporate this topic to my work. I just need this topic  to be addressed  “Identify barriers to implementing evidence-based strategies to bridge gaps in the health care service provided by an organization to a vulnerable or diverse population”. Nothing else need to be written . Just maybe three paragraphs with the new information.

 Here is the feedback from the professor:
 “It seems like this cirterion was missing?  Be sure to dentify barriers to bridge gaps in healthcare services provided by an organizations/consequences of failing to overcome barriers – please highlight revisions in yellow-  thanks!”

I attached my work at the end. Again, nothing else to be fixed just to ass new information as the professor requested. And to be highlighted.

Thank you !