The chapter showcases different models of health care systems in order to help policymakers and managers critically assess and improve health care in the United States.

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                                                                   Global Nursing Issues

            Two of the largest challenges related to providing adequate health care in underdeveloped countries are of the Inversed and impoverished types.  These “care” dynamics are interconnected by similar principals; people with the most consume the most and those who have the least get the least.  In my opinion, these concepts mimic Darwinism, which supports, “survival of the fittest”. An interesting off-shoot of Darwin’s Theory, is the claim that consanguineous marriages result in genetic anomalies.  It stands to reason the results of inadequate provisions of healthcare and the survival of only those who have the means to pay will survive.  This environment fosters the narrow circle from which one can reproduce.  This can create a situation where a populous with a decreased immune system and an inability to fight off infection requires extra measures that steal from those who do not. As a nurse who has worked in clinical research I can attest to the outcomes of incest. The results of smaller populations can be catastrophic and devastating for the children who result.  My strategy for preventing situations such as this is to provide nursing education to communities where the cultural or environmental behavior is commonly practiced and part of the accepted culture. There are “countries” within our own country that are third world by virtue of the definition of how healthcare is distributed.  

Nurses have the ability to influence policy and to have an effect on decisions that impact quality of life and universal access to care. Becoming influential in policy work is a process that requires commitment to developing skills and acquiring knowledge about activities that lead to change. It involves making choices that involve participating in policy formulation by learning how policies of interest to you are developed. Identifying influential people who are participating in policy development can help establish connections.  Also, professional organizations such as ANA, AARP, NAMI, and many others are useful professional resources. Investigating the health care agendas of our local legislators, especially if elections are up for renewal, by volunteering and participating in policy meetings or other processes where you learn, will ultimately have an impact on policy change nationally and globally.


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Chapter 4, “Comparative Health Systems” (pp. 53–72) 

The chapter showcases different models of health care systems in order to help policymakers and managers critically assess and improve health care in the United States.