As a group, research a nursing theory and prepare for analysis via virtual class presentation. A total 5 groups will be formed to include 6 students registered in the course.

THEORY PRESENTATION (20% of final grade) 

DUE DATE: March 25th , 2019

As a group, research a nursing theory and prepare for analysis via virtual class presentation. A total 5 groups will be formed to include 6 students registered in the course. Groups and topic of presentation will be assigned by course instructor. Presentations will be submitted via Blackboard under Assignments tab by the established deadline before 11:59pm. Each presentation should consist of 15-20 slides and be submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint document.

Your presentation needs to include the following: 

A. Learning objectives for presentation, brief background on theorist, and relevance of the theory in current healthcare                   ​             3 points                                                  

B. Appropriateness of theory to role of nurse practitioner & key concepts of theory and applicability of concepts to daily advanced nursing practice and relevance to MSN Essentials​​​​​​ 10 points  

C. Critique [evaluation of theory’s strengths/weaknesses and discussion of future practice implications]                                                          5 points  

D. Creativity & organization of presentation (bullet points & excerpts only, slides should not be cluttered or contain lengthy paragraphs/ graphs, statistics and graphics should be included in presentation               2 points

E. To support the power point presentation, expand the information on a separate Word format document . Please divided the presentation in order so that every student present a part .

Oral Presentation – RUBRIC
AspectExcellent (A = 20)Good (B = 18)Satisfactory(C = 16)Needs Improvement (D = 14)Score
Introduction(1) Gains the attention of the Audience, (2) Clearly identifies the topic, (3) Establishes credibility, (4) Previews the rest of the speechMeets any three of the four criteria Meets any two of the four criteriaMeets only one of the four criteria 
PreparationCompletely prepared, has obviously rehearsed the speech.Prepared, but could use additional rehearsals.Somewhat prepared, but it seems that the speech was not rehearsed.Unprepared 
EnthusiasmFacial expression and body language convey strong enthusiasm and interest Facial expression and body language sometimes convey strong enthusiasm and interestFacial expression and body language seem contrivedApparent disinterest in the topic 
Eye ContactEye contact with audience virtually all the time (except for brief glances at notes)Eye contact with audience less than 75% of the timeEye contact with audience less than 50% of the timeLittle or no eye contact 
Use of LanguageUse of language contributes to effectiveness of the speech, and vocalized pauses(um uh er etc.)not distractingUse of language does not have negative impact, and vocalized pauses(Um uh er etc.)not distractingUse of language causes potential confusion, and/or vocalized pauses(Um uh er etc.)are distractingUse of language is inappropriate 
ConfidenceSpeaks neither too quickly nor too slowlySpeaks either slightly too quickly or too slowlySpeaks either too quickly or too slowlyTempo of speech is inappropriate 
ClaritySpeaks clearly and distinctly all the time, no mispronounced wordsSpeaks clearly and distinctly nearly all the time, no more than one mispronounced wordSpeaks clearly and distinctly most of the time, no more than one mispronounced wordOften mumbles or can not be understood, more than one mispronounced word 
TopicWell focused, creative and appropriateAppropriate and reasonably focusedTopic is appropriate but lacks some focus or strays a bitInappropriate topic 
Visual AidsVisual aids well chosen and presentedMinor problems with visual aidsSignificant problems with visual aidsNo visual aids 
Conclusion(1) Cues the audience that the end of the speech is at hand(2) Brings closure(3) MemorableCues the audience and brings closureBrings closureDoes not bring closure; the audience is left hanging 
QuestionsAble to answer all questionsAble to answer most questionsAble to answer some questionsUnable to answer most questions