In designing your art center, the emphasis should be on two things.

That is interpreted in this Assignment as being able to demonstrate  superior ability to use knowledge of the cultural background and diverse  needs of children in planning and implementing activities and  experiences. You are not planning activities, but you are planning an  art center where great activities can happen!

In designing your art center, the emphasis should be on two things.

1. First, you need to share specific information about how you will  address the diversity in the center. Diversity involves all the  differences in our children including, but not limited to, learning  styles, abilities, disabilities, cultural, and family backgrounds.

2. The second emphasis is closely related and deals with diversity as  it applies to providing developmentally appropriate practices (DAP).  This is evidenced by accommodations and modifications necessary to meet  the needs of all children by providing developmentally appropriate  practices that will make your art center successful for the age group  you’ve chosen for this Assignment.

Enjoy this Assignment! You get to imagine the best possible climate in which to teach art!

Writing Requirements and Guidelines

Your Assignment should include:

Cover page

Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and date


Complete the Unit 4 Template, including at least 2–3 sentences addressing each topic

Describe 4 topics that can best help address diversity in an art center

Reference list

Sources in APA format

You must use your text CREATIVE ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN 10TH EDITION BY MARY MAYESKY and 2 additional sources

Assignment Guidelines

Complete Unit 4 Template

Times New Roman 12 point font, Double-spaced

Written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English. This  means that your thoughts should be well-organized, logical, and unified  as well as original with the viewpoint and purpose clearly established  and sustained. Standard American English guidelines also include the use  of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Written in APA Formatting and Citation style