There is also a need for the enhancement of the value of the health to ensure that the citizens do not overpay for the services.

Healthcare systems in the United States and the United Kingdom quite differ due to its type, structure, and access. Speaking about the main differences between American and British healthcare systems, it can be highlighted some crucial points that characterize it. For instance, the U.S. has a hybrid system, which contains private and public funding whereas the British healthcare system is public and aimed exactly for society. The U.K. system is funded from general taxes and the U.S. system is free of charge solely for people that need help and is funded from private insurances, general taxation and other types of taxes (Childers, 2016). In addition, the U.K. has a special service that deals with healthcare issues and is called “National Health Service” (NHS). One of the main differences is also the structure of the system. For instance, the U.S. has a complicated governing structure, where payments are received from many diverse sources, whereas the structure of the U.K. is centrally governing with a single-payer system (Childers, 2016). NHS supplies all citizens with insurance whereas the U.S. has 19% of uninsured people (Sawyer & McDermott, 2019). Thus, it means that the level of the quality in the United Kingdom is higher however the U.S. health care system is more available in terms of the quick access to a doctor or a nurse.

The healthcare system of the United States must be changed and for that reason new provisions are being implemented in order to replace the weak healthcare system. For instance, the American Health Care Act is aimed to reduce taxations for elders and allow tax credits to apply to coverage that can give an opportunity to have insurance for more and more citizens (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2017). Moreover, establishing additional funds can provide financial help to people with special needs and lack of costs. Overall, the U.S. healthcare system requires more detailed central control in order to regulate the main issues and offer all people the necessary treatment.


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2- Jose Maceda

Health Policy

The policies in various countries on health-related issues are different. The government develops policies based on the needs of the people and the availability of funds. In the United States, the health sector is a hybrid system that is funded both privately and publicly. The public services are only made available to the people that are considered weak. The veterans and the elderly also receive health care services through the public sector. The financing of the health sector in the US is done through various sources such as private insurance, the beneficiary premiums and the general taxation (Sawyer & Gonzales, 2017). The United Kingdom Healthcare system is entirely public and generally referred to as socialized medicine system. Every person has access to regular health care service under the National Health services unlike in the US. The healthcare system is only funded through general taxation.

The US health care system is ranked last in comparison with the other ten industrialized nations. The UK system, on the other hand, was ranked first when in comparison with other industrialized nations. The spending per capita is on the healthcare in the USA in a survey conducted in2011 was very high in the US at $8,508 while in the UK it was relatively low at $3,405 (Childers, 2016). In the US it is a multi-payer system that has a complicated governing structure as compared to the United Kingdom that has a centrally governed structure. To improve the healthcare system in the US, some aspects and interventions can be explored and borrowed from the UK. One of the aspects is the application of the single payer system that does not have a complicated governing structure. Another opportunity is the application of the national health services that ensures equality in the provision of the health services to all the citizens in the US .There is also a need for the enhancement of the value of the health to ensure that the citizens do not overpay for the services.


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