The financial aspect of the change project

The financial aspect of the change project will have little to no impact on the finances of stakeholders and the healthcare organization. With the availability of internet service, many older adults have phones with internet access. With this internet, health-related applications can be downloaded on the phones, and reminders can be set up on these phone apps that will remind the patient to take their medications. Another financial aspect of the change project will focus on the Healthcare organization; this may cost the organization some financial implications as the organization develops and sends out short messaging services (SMS) to patients to remind them about taking their prescribed medications.

Quality aspects promote health education on setting reminders for medications to improve medication adherence and prevent the exacerbation of chronic illnesses commonly seen among older patients. Improving quality encompasses quality of nursing care and quality of patient life. Quality improvements involve a continuous process of collecting and analyzing data to improve nursing care delivery (Risch, n.d).

The clinical aspect is assessing the patients’ reasons for medication nonadherence and monitoring patients’ medication intake. The steps of evidence-based practice involve multiple processes; this requires nurses to have sufficient time to identify clinical problems that evidence-based practice can be implemented. Also, nurses need to research relevant literature, perform a necessary appraisal of the retrieved information, frame and utilize an intervention and evaluate the efficacy of the applied intervention (Majid, Foo, & Mokhtar, 2011).