Poverty refers to

Question 1

Healthy People 2020 include the following targeted national health objectives for mental health and mental disorders: (Select all that apply)

a. increase the proportion of persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders who receive treatment for both disorders

b. decrease the number of children with mental health problems who receive treatment

c. reduce the suicide rate

d. reduce the proportion of persons who experience major depressive episodes

Question 2

Poverty refers to: (Select all that apply)

a. having insufficient financial resources to meet basic living expenses

b. belonging to a homogenous population group

c. people who are more likely to live in dangerous environments

d. people who work in high risk jobs, and eat less nutritious foods

Question 3

At present, the following groups often constitute the homeless in both rural and urban areas: (Select all that apply)

a. single women

b. adolescent runaways

c. substance abusers

d. mentally-ill individuals