Buddhism Lecture Points

Buddhism Lecture Points


A Hindu Royal Family in Kapilavastu, Nepal, Greater India

The Buddha’s name – Siddhattha Gautama

Siddhattha’ Father – King Suddhodana Gautama, King of the Shakya Tribe

Siddhattha’s Mother – Queen Maya Gotami

Siddhattha’s Aunt who raised him after his Mother’s death & later the 1st Buddhist Nun – Pajapati Gotami

Siddhattha’s wife – Princess Yasodhara

Siddhattha’s & Yasodhara’s son – Rahula (shackle, fetter, chain, restraint, cuffs)

Queen Maya gave birth to Siddhattha in Lumbini, Nepal

Capital of Nepal today – Kathmandu

A Legendary & Miraculous Conception – a Dream in which a White Elephant touched Queen Maya with his Trunk in order to magically Impregnate Her.

A Sage visited Queen Maya to Bless her & the Preborn Siddhattha after he Dreamt that the boy would grow to be either a Great Political & Military Ruler or a Great Ascetic Spiritual Leader.

King Suddhodana became determined to ensure that his heir Siddhattha develop into a Ruler.

Nevertheless, Siddhattha, from an early age, felt Compassion for the small animals & birds that he saw in the palace garden.

When he noticed this dedicated habit of Compassion, King Suddhodana strove to ensure that young Prince Siddhattha would Never witness Human Suffering.

*Siddhattha’s Litter had beautiful Scenes painted on the Curtains.

*Siddhattha’s Servants had to Travel ahead of his Procession to Remove all the Poor, Sick, Old, & Dead People from Sight.

A Major Turning Point occurred in Prince Siddhattha’s Life while he observed the first Seasonal Plowing of an Agricultural Field during a Festival to Celebrate the Divine Gift of the Fruits of the Earth because he felt Profound Pity on the Bugs & Worms that were Chopped Up by the Plowshare & Eaten by the Birds that Followed the Plow.




Siddhattha married Yasodara & they made a baby boy that Siddhattha named Rahula (which means Shackle because Siddhattha wanted to leave to figure out the Source of & Solution to Suffering)

The most Decisive Turning Point of his Life was the Journey(s) beyond the Palace Walls without his father’s permission when he Finally Observed Human Suffering when he met a Poor Beggar, an Old Man, a Mortally Sick Man, a Corpse, & finally, a Healthy Hindu Ascetic who appeared to be Peaceful. Siddhattha presumed the Ascetic to be a Sage because he was the only person who was not overwhelmed by Suffering.

While his son Rahula was still a newborn, Siddhattha abandoned his family & escaped from the Palace & began his career of Exploration, beginning with Asceticism by prematurely following the Hindu Path of Action (Student, Householder, Hermit, Pilgrim). He didn’t return until Rahula was 11 years old.

While he was gone, Siddhattha stubbornly sat under the Boddhi Tree next a river that he wanted to cross & was suddenly enlightened. He realized the 4 Noble Truths, the 8- Fold Path to Enlightenment, the Middle Path between the 2 Extremes, the Noble Silence, & the Doctrine of Impermanence.