No More Sacrifices, Worship, Theology,
















BUDDHA’s 2 Critiques of HINDUISM: How to Handle Suffering? Abuse of the Sacrificial System by

the Wealthy & the Hindu Priests




BUDDHISM’s 2 REFORMS of HINDUISM: Moksha-Nirvana-Satori- Spiritual Enlightenment

Possible in 1 Monastic Lifetieme

NOBEL SILENCE: No More Sacrifices, Worship, Theology,






WHAT should we DO about all this SUFFERING?




4 NOBLE TRUTHS 1st Noble Truth – Life is full of


2nd Noble Truth – Suffering is the

result of desire (greed, lust,

selfishness) & the false belief

that you exist as an individual.

3rd Noble Truth – Suffering can be

ended by ending desire (greed,

lust, selfishness).

4th Noble Truth- Desire can be

ended by following the 8-fold




Buddhism’s 8-Fold Path 1. Proper Understanding – Rejection of the false belief in the Self;

Knowledge of the 4 Noble Truths 2. Proper Effort – Working hard to resist temptation

3. Proper Mindfulness – Attention to your own inner feelings & thoughts, to society around you, & to

the whole universe 4. Proper Concentration – Focusing on worthy Goals; Meditation helps

you achieve this 5. Proper Thoughts or Intentions – 3 sets of Thoughts: Asceticism,

Generosity, & Nonviolence 6. Proper Action – No Stealing, Killing, extra-marital Sex, Lying, or

Consumption of Intoxicants (similar to the 10 commandments of Judeo-Christianity)

7. Proper Livelihood – Avoiding jobs that are destructive to people, living beings, & Nature/Creation;

Avoiding work in the sale & production of weapons, drugs & intoxicating substances, & the slaughter of animals

8. Proper Speech – Avoiding Lies, Slander, Gossip, Threats, Curses, & Foul or Harsh Words